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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Stay focused to navigate some challenges as Virgo season begins | CBC Life

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At the beginning of the week, we could feel tempted to overindulge a little. When materialistic Venus squares abundant Jupiter on Tuesday, take a moment to evaluate what’s influencing your desire to consume before you commit to any big purchases. It’s possible that you may be trying to fill yourself up with things that you don’t actually need. 

Meanwhile, you’ll be wise to keep your ambitions to yourself as aggressive Mars opposes dreamy Neptune, also on Tuesday. When these heavenly bodies face off, it’s essential that we work to protect our energy and ideas, and uplift ourselves through positive self-talk. Do your best to steer clear of competitive environments during this transit and give your personal projects some space to develop.

Then, when the ego-ruling sun enters quick-witted Virgo on Wednesday, we’ll be ready to adopt a more proactive approach to life. Our collective focus tends to shift toward organization and optimization as the sun moves through this mutable earth sign, providing us with an exciting opportunity to retool our schedules and routines. Use these next four weeks to eliminate the elements of your day-to-day that you no longer deem necessary. 

While Virgo season may have us feeling all revved up, we’ll need to hit the brakes a bit when communication-ruling Mercury stations retrograde in perfectionist Virgo later that day. It’s critical that we slow down to triple-check the details in our personal paperwork and conversations during this period. Still, if something slips through the cracks, try not to be too hard on yourself. Focusing on the bigger picture will help you recentre. 

On Thursday, when the moon waxes into her first quarter in impulsive Sagittarius, we may feel the urge to expand our knowledge and embrace new experiences through travel. Just be sure to look before you leap. Otherwise, your building excitement could put you at risk of making some oversights. 

Finally, when fiery Mars enters fair-minded Libra on Sunday, get ready to recalibrate your energy. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be called to prioritize the thoughts and feelings of others, and become more careful and collaborative with each other. Remember to think before you act, but don’t be afraid to express your feelings either — keeping quiet about your desires could deter you from reaching your goals.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, August 21, 2023.


Nobody has it all figured out, Aries. Remembering that truth will help you protect your ego if you find yourself in a slump early in the week. By accepting your own humanity and resolving to better yourself moving forward, you’ll be able to work through any feelings of discouragement. Then, midweek, your mood could start to improve if you can find a way to make a game out of tackling your responsibilities. So put your creative mind to use as you go about ticking things off your to-do list. Promising yourself a reward could be just the carrot you need to keep yourself motivated. 


Are you being fed a tall tale, Taurus? This week, you’ll need to rely on your instincts to help you determine whether or not someone’s really being honest with you. Take a moment to recentre your thoughts and consider their motivations; is it possible that they’re projecting their insecurities on to you? Meanwhile, starting now and continuing throughout the next four weeks, your imagination and talents will blossom, allowing you to pour your energy into your creative pursuits. If you’re single, this could also be a brilliant opportunity to spruce up your space for guests who may be visiting for the first time. 


Explore the possibilities, Gemini. This week, whether you’re single or attached, you could find yourself dreaming up scenarios to invite more romance into your world. Harness this creative mindset to turn your ideas into reality and make the first move with someone special. When it comes to your career, be sure that you have all of the facts before proceeding with an important decision as a conflict with your home life could prevent you from moving forward. It’s essential that you strive to protect your personal domain, and seek out employers and partners who respect your privacy. 


Try not to put your foot in your mouth, Cancer. This week, you must choose your words extra carefully at work, as using the wrong ones could end up killing your confidence. If you do find yourself in an embarrassing predicament, do your best to hold your head high and move on. Remember: how you react when you’re faced with adversity matters. Meanwhile, you could find you’re able to maintain your closest connections with ease as you experience an influx of social activity. Still, as life speeds up, you may need to seek out some grounding techniques to help you decompress.


Avoid stepping over others to get to the top, Leo. At the beginning of this week, you may be feeling invincible at work, but this false sense of security could end up leading you astray. If you really want to advance, you’ll be wise to tread lightly and prioritize listening over speaking. And if you notice someone else making a blunder, don’t hesitate to lend a hand. Starting now and continuing over the next few weeks, you’ll also be in a prime position to tackle your finances — just be sure to read the fine print and ask as many questions as possible. It may feel like you’re taking two steps forward and one back, but the lessons learned will be well worth your time. 


Swallowing your pride could prevent you from making an expensive mistake this week, Virgo. So do your best to stay open to the opinions of others, especially when you’re speaking with family. If you can stop yourself from rushing to conclusions, you’ll be able to avoid getting swept up in hasty decision-making. Then, as the sun enters your sign midweek, you may start to feel more comfortable in your skin. Enjoy celebrating your individuality and soaking up the spotlight over these next four weeks — it’s your time to shine! Get ready to turn heads and command attention. 


Half-truths have a way of coming back to haunt us, Libra. Keep this in mind if you find yourself tempted to embellish certain details to friends this week. You can avoid any misunderstandings by sticking to the facts. Meanwhile, you may find yourself feeling a bit contemplative as your mind works through the past year’s events. Allow yourself to retreat to your safe space where you can digest your emotions in private. You are in the final stages of a metamorphosis, which is moulding you into your next iteration. Now is your chance to meditate on how you’ll reshape your identity. 


Are you feeling tempted to blow off your responsibilities, Scorpio? You may find you’re simply not in the mood to be productive at the start of the week as fantasies of romance and riches fill your head. But you’ll be wise to snap yourself out of your daydream if you want to avoid making some bad decisions. On the work front, your friendships could help you open doors and create opportunities for your career from now through the next few weeks. Don’t hesitate to discuss your personal goals and vision for the future. And if you stumble upon a prospect worth pursuing, be ready to take the plunge. 


Make sure you’re spending your time — and money — wisely, Sagittarius. This week, it could be tempting to hop on to the latest wellness craze, but you’ll be wise to think about whether your heart’s really in it before you get too involved. You could lose interest right after shelling out on accessories or classes. Meanwhile, you may feel a stronger pull toward the spotlight at work as your efforts start to get noticed. Don’t shy away from it. Instead, challenge yourself to bring attention to your passion projects so that you can invest your energy in the work that you truly believe in.


Mind your words this week, Capricorn. While it may feel as though you’re blessing the world by sprinkling kernels of wisdom all around you, you may actually be tarnishing your image. Make sure you can back up what you say or you could find yourself in an embarrassing situation. If you do slip up, try redirecting your focus toward gaining more education and experience by diving into a new book or immersing yourself in a different culture. Expanding your horizons will help you regain perspective and provide you with a healthy dose of humility. It’s a beautiful time to evolve. 


You may want to prepare yourself for a rude awakening, Aquarius. This week, a skewed perspective of your finances, debts or shared resources could come to light — and have others questioning your credibility. Holding your cards close to your chest will help you save face while you figure out the kinks. Now is the time to summon your independence as you use your analytical mind to find a solution quickly. On the career front, you could find that your wide range of experience helps you succeed and that many of your ideas are beginning to fall into place. Are you ready to really make your mark? 


It’s time to protect your own interests, Pisces. Assuming the best of everyone this week could cost you in the long run. Make sure you’ve given your passion projects all the time and attention they need before sharing them with anyone else. Meanwhile, you could find yourself in the mood to link up with loved ones and strengthen your bonds. Figure out how you can use your connections to foster positive change and good habits. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be invited to make adjustments to your life that align with your desire to make space for yourself and others.

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