Is a national wealth fund the answer to UK’s infrastructure…

Posted by July 10, 2024

The new UK government has launched a £7.3bn (€8.63bn) National Wealth Fund with which to “unlock private investment” in UK infrastructure, but industry

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‘A pivotal moment’: Labour harnesses UK Infrastructure Bank to fast-track…

Posted by July 9, 2024

The new Labour government has continued the flurry of activity that has characterised its first few days in office, as it this afternoon confirmed plans to lau

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UK weather warning: Met Office raises alarm over 70mm torrential…

Posted by July 8, 2024

Britons should brace themselves for more dreary weather, as the Met Office has cautioned that up to 70mm of rain will fall across parts of the UK in a torrentia

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New towns, 1.5million homes and renewing the UK’s infrastructure…. what…

Posted by July 5, 2024

By Carl Brown2024-07-05T07:21:00 Keir Starmer’s party has won a large majority as many expected. As we gea

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