Friday, March 1, 2024

Travis Barker performs alongside blind boy, funds his dream of world travel

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Travis Barker joins Grayson Roberts at Charlie ‘Rocket’ Jabaley’s dream factory.

Travis Barker, the renowned drummer of Blink-182, took to the stage alongside nine-year-old Grayson Roberts at the Dream Factory hosted by motivational speaker Charlie ‘Rocket’ Jabaley in downtown Los Angeles last Friday evening.

The inspiring journey began when Charlie ‘Rocket’ Jabaley, a 35-year-old podcaster, encountered young Grayson outside his home, where the determined child was operating a lemonade stand. 

Grayson’s mission was clear: To raise funds that would enable him to embark on a journey to “see” the world, including iconic destinations like the Great Wall of China. 

Charlie, himself a survivor of a brain tumor, was deeply moved by Grayson’s dream and pledged to support his cause. 

Together, they transformed the modest lemonade stand into a grand event known as “Limitless Lemonade,” sponsored by Once Upon a Coconut. 

The event drew “hundreds” of attendees who rallied behind Grayson’s dream.

With a warm greeting, Barker expressed his admiration for Grayson’s musical talents, saying, “What’s up Grayson? Nice to meet you. 

I brought you some drumsticks. I saw a video of you playing drums and singing.” 

Not stopping there, Barker continued, “I brought some donations for you. I brought some money for you,” showcasing his  support for the young musician’s dreams.

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