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The Buzz Around Monopoly Live Casino Games –

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The continuous advancements in online casino technology have helped to ensure that the whole industry continues to boom. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, online casino gaming remains extremely popular, even despite the recent controversies surrounding government gambling white papers and gambling regulations.    

Whilst there are thousands of casino games released every year, some games accumulate more publicity than others. In addition, there are some games which you can almost guarantee are going to be excellent, even before you have played them. For example, any Monopoly themed live casino game is usually excellent and there is always huge anticipation when one is announced. For this reason, the Tech Buzz Ireland Team has decided that we would take a look at some of the most successful Monopoly themed casino games with a particular emphasis on the technology behind the games.

Monopoly Live

The best-known and arguably most played Monopoly casino game is Monopoly Live. Monopoly Live is a live casino game which takes place in real-time and is hosted by a live dealer. Developed by Evolution Gaming and launched in 2019, Monopoly Live has since become one of the most played live dealer games in the world. In addition, it has become a trendsetter and has helped pioneer a new generation of game show themed live casino games.

From a technology point of view, the mechanics of the game are outstanding. A simple, game show wheel is spun by the live dealer, and when the wheel lands on a certain segment, it triggers the Monopoly Live bonus game. From this point forward, the viewer will see a 3D generated image of a Monopoly board with Mr Monopoly himself moving around. This is where the technology really speaks for itself. The bonus game is shown to all Monopoly Live players, of which there can be an unlimited number of players playing at any one time.

Monopoly Big Baller

Offering a mixture of both Bingo, slots and live dealer action, Monopoly Big Baller is one of the newest Monopoly themed games. There are several similarities with Monopoly Live here, including the bonus game which is also played on a 3D generated Monopoly board. The main difference between the two is that where Monopoly Live uses a spinning wheel, Monopoly Big Baller is played around bingo cards and a bingo machine.

Again, the technology featured in Monopoly Big Baller is exceptional, the bonus game being the main highlight. Again, there is a live dealer host which plays the game along with the players. The host spins the bingo machine and picks out the individual bingo balls too. Evolution gaming is the development team behind Monopoly Big Baller and they really did an excellent job combining the best features from different worlds of online gambling.

Evolution Gaming Remain the Best of the Best

Where live casino games are concerned, there is no one better than Evolution Gaming. They have a world class development team and continue to deliver extraordinarily successful games. As of August 2023, Evolution has not announced any plans for any new Monopoly themed live casino games. However, due to the success of Monopoly Live and Monopoly Big Baller, we do not believe it will be long before they do release a new title.

As far as we are aware, Evolution does still have a good relationship with Hasbro, the company which has trademarked the Monopoly brand. Therefore, we are excited as to what the development team at Evolution will come up with next. We are sure it will be ground-breaking.

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