Vladimir Putin to send Russian children to North Korean summer…

Posted by June 30, 2024

Vladimir Putin plans to send Russian children to a summer camp in North Korea where activities include polishing the statues of

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South Korea to make ‘big mistake’ by arming Ukraine, warns…

Posted by June 21, 2024

In response to Moscow’s embrace of Pyongyang, Chang Ho-jin, the South Korean national security advisor, told reporters on Thu

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How Ukraine is being used as a test bed for…

Posted by June 19, 2024

When Russian forces first launched a North Korean missile at Ukraine, it landed in a field outside the southern city of Zaporiz

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Watch: Putin meets Kim as he arrives in North Korea

Posted by June 18, 2024

Some 20 to 30 soldiers crossed over the line, which runs through the middle of the demilitarised zone (DMZ), by 65 feet before

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