5 European countries not in Schengen where Brits can stay…

Posted by June 13, 2024

Exploring Europe for an extended period can be tricky due to the 90-day rule, which restricts non-EU nationals with a valid visa to only 90 days in Schengen Are

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NFL UK Exec Names Ireland As International Market Being Explored…

Posted by May 26, 2024

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t played a regular season game in an international market since 2013 when they faced the Minnesota Vikings in London. As a part

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‘We want to see Palestinians play football – not die…

Posted by May 15, 2024

Members of the Palestinian national women's team expressed their pride at playing football in front of artwork featuring the Irish and Palestinian flags at Daly

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EIT Health Ireland-UK welcomes eg technology as a network partner

Posted by May 8, 2024

EIT Health Ireland-UK, a co-location Centre of EIT Health, one of Europe’s largest health innovation networks, has announced eg technology i

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Ireland accused of housing asylum seekers in Dublin hotel with…

Posted by May 3, 2024

Ireland is putting asylum seekers up in plush hotel accommodation with a leisure centre and golf course, the President of the right-wing Irish Freedom Party has

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