Scorpio, Daily Horoscope Today, June 17, 2024: Boost your health…

Posted by June 16, 2024

Today, pay attention to the little things in your day-to-day life, searching for ways to enhance the body and the mind. One may have a desire to clean the works

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‘I’m a flight attendant — you shouldn’t drink water on…

Posted by June 14, 2024

Aeroplane food is not exactly known for being five-star cuisine - but sometimes travelling makes you peckish and you may be in need of a bite to eat during your

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Foreign Office issues France travel warning lasting three months

Posted by June 12, 2024

Updated 09:11 12 Jun 2024 GMT+1Published 09:10 12 Jun 2024 GMT+1The UK government has updated its official travel advice for those heading to FranceThe United K

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Canada, U.K. launch joint privacy probe into 23andMe data breach…

Posted by June 10, 2024

Canada's privacy commissioner is teaming up with his U.K. counterpart to investigate a data breach discovered last year at 23andMe.Philippe Dufresne's office sa

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Fitness expert critiques Zac Efron’s exercise routine – and gives…

Posted by May 29, 2024

An exercise expert has slammed Zac Efron's workout and diet routine, calling several of his signature moves 'a waste of time.' Podcast host Dr Mike Israetel,

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Most bizarre Ozempic side-effect yet: Some patients could turn to…

Posted by May 28, 2024

Slimmers were today warned that weight loss jabs could trigger and unexpected and bizarre side effect: reckless behaviour.Game-changing injections such as Ozemp

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E-gate failure shows UK is woefully unprepared for the EU’s…

Posted by May 8, 2024

Europe’s border checks are set to change as part of post-Brexit travel arrangements (Photo: Nathan Laine/Bloomberg via Getty Images)More than 270 e-gates roll

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Revealed: The UK health and fitness apps selling your personal…

Posted by May 1, 2024

The UK’s most popular health and fitness apps collect 14 personal data points about their users on average, with the exercise tracker Fitbit collecting

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