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SKIMS Becomes NBA, WNBA And USA Basketball’s Official Underwear Partner

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SKIMS and NBA announce a dynamic partnership, combining fashion expertise with basketball’s global appeal.

SKIMS, known for its influential presence in fashion, has entered a multiyear agreement with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to become the official underwear partner of the NBA, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and USA Basketball. This partnership symbolizes SKIMS’ growing cultural impact and aligns with the NBA’s notable presence in pop culture and entertainment.

Kim Kardashian, Co-Founder and Creative Director of SKIMS, expressed her pride in this collaboration, emphasizing how it unites people through fashion, sport and talent. Jens Grede, Co-Founder & CEO of SKIMS, sees the partnership as an opportunity to engage with the next generation of basketball fans. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver highlighted SKIMS’ cultural influence and looked forward to offering unique experiences and premium products to NBA fans and SKIMS users.

SKIMS: Pioneering in fashion and comfort

SKIMS, co-founded in 2019 by Kim Kardashian and Jens Grede, has become a leading brand in reshaping the underwear, loungewear and shapewear industry. Known for its solutions-oriented approach, SKIMS emphasizes technical construction and stretchable materials that enhance comfort and fit. The brand has expanded its reach through direct sales on its website and partnerships with major retailers worldwide like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Skims’ collaboration with the NBA isn’t their initial venture into the world of sports. The shapewear company was the official undergarment for the U.S. Olympic Team during the Tokyo Summer 2021 Olympics.

Expanding horizons in sports: NBA, WNBA and USA Basketball

The NBA, a global sports and media entity, has made significant strides in connecting people through basketball. Its reach extends to 214 countries, with programming available in over 50 languages and merchandise sold across continents. The 2023-24 season saw a record number of international players, reflecting the league’s diverse and global appeal.

Similarly, the WNBA, known for its progressive stance and advocacy for women’s empowerment, combines top-tier basketball with a commitment to social responsibility. The league’s groundbreaking collective bargaining agreement and partnerships with major companies reflect its dedication to advancing women’s sports.

USA Basketball, nearing its 50th anniversary, holds a crucial role as the National Governing Body for basketball in the U.S. It oversees the selection and training of teams for international competitions and is dedicated to developing youth basketball initiatives.

SKIMS-NBA partnership and SKIMS Mens: New horizons in fashion and sports

This collaboration will bring innovative and exciting activations, particularly during high-profile events like the NBA All-Star and the NBA In-Season Tournament. The partnership aims to use basketball’s popularity to create demand and enthusiasm in unique and unexpected ways.

Recently, SKIMS expanded its reach by launching SKIMS Mens on October 26, featuring collections designed for comfort and style. The launch campaign, “Every Body is Wearing SKIMS”, includes NBA All-Star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and other athlete endorsers, exemplifying the brand’s commitment to diversity and innovation in fashion.

As part of this alliance, SKIMS will gain substantial media visibility across various NBA and WNBA platforms. This includes on-court virtual signage during national broadcasts and exposure on the leagues’ official social and digital channels, enhancing the brand’s visibility and connection with basketball fans.

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