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October 2015, 6 years after the disaster known as the “Shibuya Earthquake.”
A series of strange incidents occur in the recovering Shibuya.
A person who dies a mysterious death during a live internet broadcast.
A person who dies while singing during a street performance.
A body hanging and spinning from the ceiling of a love hotel.
People started to realize.
The date is the same as the incident that occurred in Shibuya 6 years ago.
-Yes, this is the return of the New Generation Madness.
But – there is one thing. Just one thing is different. A mysterious sticker left at the crime scene.
No one knows yet that the mysterious sticker, which looks like a creepy sumo wrestler, will be the key to solving the NewGen case.
A committee of 300 working in the dark.
Awakening delusion manifestors.
Their “fetal movement” will unleash the door of delusion once again…
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