Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Parking payments changing at Eastgate shopping centre car park from tomorrow

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Signs have gone up around Eastgate Shopping Centre, in Basildon, as car park six is changing from November 21 with the car park systems being upgraded to be barrier free.

This means that cash payments will no longer be accepted at the multi-storey in the Galleries.


A notice throughout centre reads: “From the November 21, this car park will no longer accept cash payments.

“Payment will be made via card, wave and pay or ECPParkBuddy app.

“The car park will become ANPR camera controlled to create a barrier-less driver experience – no more hunting for yellow chip coins. All you will need to know is your Car Registration Mark.”

Shoppers have raised concerns these changes will affect the older generations who may not have smart phones or understand the apps, and feel uncomfortable using their debit card.

However, it is hoped the new system will be more convenient as a spokesman for the centre says it will mean drivers will no longer have to hunt for the “little yellow token”.

A spokesman shared on the shopping centre’s social media: “Car Park 6 is changing next week. We’re upgrading the car park systems to be barrier free so no more hunting for that little yellow token – it’s tap, app and card payment going forwards. Signage is around the centre.”

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