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Metta World Peace Refrains From Watching Super Bowl for a Very Distressing Reason: “I Just Eat Soup Out of a Bowl”

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The Super Bowl Weekend. Perhaps, the greatest and biggest event of the US sports calendar year is a celebration. Whether you like the sport or not, the air is buzzing with a different level of excitement when the Big Game rolls around. But, while the 2 best teams in the nation battle it out for the Vincent Lombardi Trophy, the rest of the teams watch on from the sidelines. As a result, it isn’t always a joyous occasion for their fanbase. In the case of Metta World Peace, his team hasn’t given him much reason to cheer for in nearly 3 decades. So, he continues to sit this one out.

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Taking to Twitter, the former Los Angeles Lakers legend would reveal his unfortunate situation. Every year the @nyjets don’t make the Super Bowl, I just eat soup out of a bowl.” Given it’s been over a decade since they made the playoffs, this time of year isn’t kind to the former Defensive Player of the Year.

But, in his tweet, Metta reveals how he’s asked the question every year regardless. “Metta, you watching the superbowl ?”  But, every year, without fail, his answer, while referring to himself in the third person, remains the same.


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Metta – “I can’t because I just ordered soup in a bowl. Tell them I said good luck though.” While the man formerly known as Ron Artest chooses to miss out on the biggest sporting event of the calendar year, the rest of America looks on.

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