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Lakers Trade News: Spencer Dinwiddie’s astonishing $1 LA deal leaves NBA world speechless

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After being awfully quiet during the trade deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers silently made a deal with the free-agent guard of the Brooklyn Nets, Spencer Dinwiddie. He was waived off by the Toronto Raptors as a part of a trade deadline transaction, due to which the Southern California native returned to his hometown. The City of Angels is extremely confident with their purchase, as the General Manager Rob Pelinka spoke highly about the playmaking abilities of the 30-year-old guard.

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Dinwiddie’s contract discussions with the Lakers, however, took an interesting turn, demonstrating his knack for creativity both on and off the floor. His contract with the Lakers has a notable detail, which was pointed out by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and Bobby Marks, a $1 bonus.


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So, while Dinwiddie would sign for the remainder of the Lakers’ Mid-Level Exception, which was worth little more than $1.5 million, it was pointed out that he would receive a $1 bonus if the Lakers win the championship. This decision of his to add such a unique clause in his contract demonstrates his creative attitude to the financial aspect of the sport.

However, amid figuring out Dinwiddie’s $1 bonus situation, the NBA world was left in splits. So, they took to social media to express their emotions and share some hilarious comments.

The NBA world cannot believe the $1 bonus situation

Spencer Dinwiddie has created headlines before even playing a match for the Lakers with his contract. The NBA world cannot fathom the fact that an elite basketball player will just earn a dollar as a bonus for aiding his team to glory. Due to that, they expressed their feelings about this situation with one fan sarcastically calling this the hardest dollar ever earned.

Another fan told Dinwiddie that he would offer him double his bonus if he won a ring at LA.

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Another fan spoke about what he would do with the one dollar.

One Lakers fan out of desperation said he would offer Dinwiddie 20X the bonus if the Lakers win the championship.


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One of the Laker haters offered a win-win situation for Dinwiddie. He said he would give him the dollar if the Lakers did not win the championship.


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So, whether this $1 has a symbolic meaning or not is unknown, but what is a fact is that Spencer Dinwiddie’s contract is anything but ordinary. And this contract might even go down in the history books of the league for the least amount of money a player has gained through his bonus. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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