Friday, March 1, 2024

Katy Perry Set to Exit ‘American Idol’: “I Need to Feel That Pulse Of My Own Beat”

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Katy Perry has revealed that the upcoming 22nd season of American Idol will be her last.

Appearing on Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Perry was asked by host Jimmy Kimmel directly how long she was likely to continue with Idol, a show the singer has been a judge on alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan since it was revived by ABC in 2018.

“Well, you know, this fall, this September, I’m going to be doing this huge music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio. It’s really exciting. It’s a big deal for people all over the world, especially my Brazilian fans,” Perry said in response to Kimmel’s question, before adding, “So I think this will probably be my last season for Idol.”

Following a few gasps from the audience, Perry, who has been a judge on the long-running show for seven seasons, continued, “I love Idol so much. It’s connected me with the heart of America. But I need to feel that pulse of my own beat,” Perry added, vaguely hinting that perhaps she has new music coming out soon and possibly a world tour too.

Kimmel then asked what her fellow Idol judges thought of her decision to end her time on the show, with Perry shooting back, “Well, they’ll find out tonight!”

Later on Monday, Perry confirmed that the upcoming season of Idol will be her last on her Instagram.

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