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Juggi Bhasin explores world of powerful individuals in new novel | Entertainment

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Author Juggi Bhasin explores the world of powerful individuals, their strength and weaknesses in terms of ambition and love among other aspects in his new novel ”Those Who Wait”.

Bhasin, who has written books like ”The Terrorist”, ”The Avenger” and ”Bollywood Deception”, says the ”massive changes taking place over the last 10 years in our political space, the social turmoil and even the shifting military balance” inspired him to pen this book.

”Those Who Wait: When Revenge Clashes with Power”, published by Notion Press, is the story of the Tripathi family – a military family driven by ideals and drawn into the politics of it all.

”I dovetailed these changes in the gripping but tragic story of the Tripathi family, the turmoil facing the prime minister of the country and the depths to which military honour can drive men and women,” he says.

The novel explores the boundaries of love, vengeance and madness, ambition, and human frailty.

On how he incorporated these themes into the story, Bhasin explains, ”It is always fascinating to explore the lives of men and women at the very top of things.” ”The novel also highlights the inescapable reality that men on the top are not impervious to love and manipulation just like the rest of us,” he adds.

He describes his new work as a ”hard hitting novel in the reality – fiction genre of all the major, contemporary themes that make headlines in our country”. These include the theme of prime ministerial ambition and overreach and also the vulnerability of the top man to be loved and cherished by someone. ”It is also about military honour and pride and the extent people will go to achieve it. The novel is about China’s betrayal of India in a contemporary setting. And lastly the novel is about a quiet, introverted woman who swears to avenge her father’s humiliation and the extent she goes to infiltrate the house of the top man in the country and trigger a cataclysmic chain of events.”

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