Friday, December 1, 2023

Israel releases shocking footage of ‘tunnel of terror’ built by Hamas under Al Shifa hospital in Gaza

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Israel Defence Forces released shocking new footage on Sunday, November 19, which proves to be evidence of Hamas-inflicted terror in Gaza. The footage reveals a huge “tunnel of terror” built by the terrorist group under Gaza’s biggest hospital, Al Shifa. Israel notes that it is “more proof” that Hamas uses the patients as human shields as per the Mirror. The tunnel, which drops below 10 metres (30 feet) underground is declared an “operational tunnel shaft” by Israeli forces.

IDF releases footage of ‘operational tunnel shaft’ built by Hamas underneath Gaza’s biggest hospital(IDF/ X, formerly Twitter)

The IDF stated, “The medical centre has become an Iron Dome for the ranks of Hamas’ commanders, and in the case of the October 7 attack, for holding hostages – both in Al Shifa and in Al Quds, Al Rantisi and Al Nasser hospitals,” as per ynetnews. According to a statement, a staircase leading to a 55-meter-long (180-foot) terror tunnel was discovered beneath the Al Shifa Hospital complex.

Israeli army further explained that the terrorist organisation uses the “terror tunnel” to “block Israeli forces from entering the command centres and the underground assets belonging to Hamas.” The shocking discovery was made after a controlled explosion was carried out on a car, which reportedly belonged to Hamas, as per the IDF.

They further revealed on X, formerly Twitter, “The tunnel entrance contains various defense mechanisms, such as a blast-proof door and a firing hole, in an attempt by Hamas to block Israeli forces from entering. For weeks we’ve been telling the world about Hamas’ cynical use of the residents of Gaza and patients of Shifa Hospital as human shields.”

The tweet further added, “For weeks we’ve been telling the world about Hamas’ cynical use of the residents of the Gaza and patients of Shifa Hospital as human shields. Here is more proof.” In a separate tweet, the IDF said, “The operation is ongoing and is being conducted carefully, all in order to locate and dismantle Hamas infrastructure in the hospital.”

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