Tuesday, November 28, 2023

“Got No Shame at All” – NBA World in Turmoil After LeBron James Goes Viral for ‘Crown’ Gesture at Los Angeles Dodgers Game – Sportsmanor

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LeBron James has always fought the toughest battles to reign over the NBA like the true King he is. He is easily someone you could say has faced adversity even being at his worst. It isn’t easy to achieve many things James has over the last two decades. Being a 4x NBA Champion, rising above the doubt, defeating legends much like himself, and having jaws drop is something he is familiar with.

The Los Angeles Lakers star has not had the best time over the last year. Coming into the 2022-23 season, he walked with a chip on his shoulder. Fans and experts weren’t the nicest ones toward him which genuinely drove a nail into the coffin. The Lakers were struggling throughout the regular season. But a glimpse of hope eventually turned into a fire that helped them achieve a deep playoff run. James was a major reason for their success.

Even during the off-season, LeBron James had to fight through his demons to rectify mistakes. He concluded the season with the intention to quit, but he still bounced back. His son, Bronny James also faced a health scare. He suffered from a cardiac arrest which is quite a nightmare for a father to survive through. With Bronny coming out of danger, LeBron is trying to make things feel alright for himself. 

Fans drag LeBron James for budding himself the King of LA

NBA players often love to spend some time away from the chaotic atmosphere of the league. Either they practice other sports or venture out into another environment altogether. Or they sit back and watch other athletes battle it out. LeBron James was recently spotted at a Los Angeles Dodgers versus Miami Marlins game. Bronny and his youngest son, Bryce Maximus were both in attendance along with LeBron.

If there is one thing James always likes to refer to himself as it’s the King of LA. The 4x NBA Champion is a very confident man who knows exactly what he’s capable of doing. So during the Dodgers vs. Marlins game, James stood up while he was on camera and gestured crowing himself. This was an obvious reference to what he’s commonly known as. However, a few fans did not take it the right way. One said, “Got no shame at all. Fake king.” Another fan said, “He trying to ruin my Dodgers now?”

LeBron James walked away with a generous donation to his LeBron James Family Foundation. CEO of the Dodgers, Stan Kasten wrote a $100,000 cheque to the foundation that James has been running for several years now. LeBron has always tried his best to give back to the community and the world around him. He has a few other ventures that are being run to help educate children and preserve African-American history. He has invested several million dollars in such programs.

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