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Fabulous Black-Owned Wellness Retreats To Visit Around The World – Travel Noire

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Wellness retreats offer a space to escape the demands of everyday life and prioritize self-care. The emergence of Black-owned wellness retreats marks an important milestone in the industry. They offer unique experiences that uplift Black people, promote healing and support personal growth. From fostering body and mental health to reconnecting with ancestral roots, these retreats offer individuals opportunities to rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit.

Black-owned wellness retreats are making waves in the industry. By celebrating diversity and creating safe havens for well-being, these retreats are transforming lives and promoting holistic wellness in a way that truly resonates with their patrons. Here are five Black-owned wellness retreats.

Black Women Healing Retreats 

These luxury retreats were created specifically for Black women by Satya, an expat in Costa Rica. Inspired by the beauty of the country, she wanted to create an experience where Black women could disconnect and heal from the effects of systemic racism.

The retreats were designed as a sacred space for women looking to reconnect with themselves and likeminded ladies amongst nature. They foster self-care and wellbeing through fitness practices, such as hiking, swimming and yoga, and educational workshops. The retreats also provide a supportive environment for healing trauma and promoting holistic wellness. These transformative retreats not only foster personal growth and restoration, but also reinforce the importance of Black sisterhood.

Jenesis House 

Jenesis House, created by entrepreneur Jenesis Laforcarde, offers holistic wellness experiences that empower individuals to prioritize luxurious self-care. Focused on mindfulness, nutrition, fitness and personal development, Jenesis House helps guests reconnect with their inner strength and find balance. Retreats include activities, such as guided meditations, and offer meals consisting of healthy gourmet food. The full-service spa provides holistic healing services and is home to a Nordic spa and plunge pool. With a commitment to nurturing mind, body and spirit, Jenesis House provides a space for people to unwind and replenish.

Africa With Us

Two dance instructors, passionate about the continent and wellness, created Africa With Us. These transformative retreat experiences celebrate Black culture and reconnect participants with their African heritage. They provide an opportunity to explore various African countries and dive into its vibrant local cultures.

Participants will enjoy immersing themselves in healing and expressive practices of dance and music. From Ghana to South Africa, guests will engage in African drum classes, spiritual rituals and visits to historical sites. Africa With Us is a space where individuals can reconnect with their roots while discovering the power of ancestral healing.

OMNoire Retreats

OMNoire Retreats, founded by wellness advocate Christina Rice, focuses on self-care for women of color. The retreats combine wellness activities, including yoga, meditation and workshops, with opportunities for cultural exploration and connection. OMNoire Retreats offer inclusive spaces where women can prioritize their well-being and build community while exploring new destinations. Whether it’s a beachside retreat or an urban wellness experience, OMNoire Retreats fosters personal growth, self-love and self-discovery. Women leave the retreats feeling empowered and ready to live their best lives.

IMARA Retreat

The Colored Girl, a global community of minority women focused on personal and professional development, created the IMARA Retreat. The retreat provides a transformative experience through a blend of travel and developmental workshops. They also provide speaker sessions and wellness activities to help participants grow and thrive. Through local events and international trips to destinations, like Zanzibar and Marrakech, BIPOC women gain the tools and support they need to overcome challenges and unlock their true potential. 

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