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Discover Why Betting on the FIBA World Cup Is a Must

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The 2023 FIBA World Cup is almost here, providing an opportunity to bridge the gap in basketball betting, as the NBA season won’t commence until October. Here are some reasons why you should consider betting on the 2023 FIBA World Cup through our best sports betting apps.

The FIBA World Cup has historically struggled to gain traction in North America, as countries like Canada and the United States have placed greater emphasis on the Olympics rather than the FIBA World Cup. While the Olympics consistently feature the world’s premier basketball players competing for USA Basketball, the same players tend to skip the FIBA World Cup. This lack of interest from NBA superstars often translates to diminished engagement from NBA fans as well.

We could discuss how much more captivating the event would be if players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, or Kevin Durant participated. Alternatively, we can approach it from a different perspective. The reduced fan interest can work in our favor as sports bettors. This is especially relevant given the FIBA World Cup’s position in the sports calendar.

Let me outline the reasons why I’m placing bets on the FIBA World Cup and why I believe you should consider doing the same using our best sports betting sites.

FIBA World Cup odds 2023

odds updated as of Thursday, Aug 17.

Country DraftKings FanDuel Caesars BetMGM bet365
USA -120 -130 ❄️ -120  -110 🔥 -112
Canada +800 +950 +600 ❄️ +750 +1000 🔥
France +900 +950 🔥 +700 ❄️ +750 +750
Australia +900  +950 ❄️ +1000  +1100 🔥 +900
Spain +1200 ❄️ +1600 🔥 +1200 +1200 +1200
Slovenia +1400 +2100 🔥 +1800 +1200 ❄️ +1600
Serbia +1400  +1500 🔥 +1200 +1400  +1200
Germany +2500 +2700 🔥 +2000 ❄️ +2200  +2200
Greece +2500 +3600  +4000 🔥 +2500 +2800
Lithuania +3500  +4800  +10000 🔥 +3300 +3300

Markets Are Slow to React

The key to successful sports betting is identifying a probability gap and capitalizing on a bet that demonstrates a positive expected value. This is the objective every sports bettor aims to achieve. However, in certain sports like the NFL, when an advantage is pinpointed, the market can rectify it within minutes, causing the edge to vanish. If you’re not proactive in the early stages of the NFL betting process and swiftly identifying advantages before the market adjusts, winning in the NFL can be challenging.

This isn’t the case with the FIBA World Cup. We’ve observed several instances indicating how slow these markets have been in responding to news, which is an encouraging sign for sports bettors. Consequently, if you closely follow the tournament and stay updated on all the teams, you should be able to beat our best sportsbooks to the punch.

Examples include Canada unveiling their FIBA World Cup roster on social media, which featured elite NBA players like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jamal Murray. The sportsbooks took hours to adjust Canada’s odds of winning the tournament, moving them from +2000 to the +500 range. It took multiple days before all our best NBA betting sites adjusted their odds to win Group H. Yes, DAYS.

Another example was the unexpected addition of Karl-Anthony Towns to the Dominican Republic roster. FanDuel had been trading spreads for the opening tournament games for a while, with the Dominican Republic initially favored by 3.5 points over the Philippines. This spread remained stagnant for days until a video of Towns dancing during a Dominican Republic practice went viral. Suddenly, the spread shifted from Dominican Republic -3.5 to Dominican Republic -9.5.

One last example, among many more, was Canada’s announcement that Murray wouldn’t participate in the tournament due to NBA Finals load management. FanDuel briefly offered France at +136 to win Group H about two hours after this news broke, before adjusting the odds to -113.

By enabling notifications on X (Twitter) for specific accounts, you can beat these sportsbooks when it comes to breaking news.

Trading Focus is on the NFL 

I was discussing the FIBA World Cup with someone, and they mentioned that it’s unfortunate the championship coincides with Week 1 of the NFL season. Speak for yourself; I find this to be fantastic and precisely why the FIBA World Cup presents a strong betting opportunity.

The NFL takes center stage in sports betting, and all our best live betting sites will be primarily focused on Week 1 of the NFL while the FIBA World Cup is underway. This is precisely why it should be more manageable for us to spot discrepancies between the true odds of an event occurring and the odds posted by the sportsbooks.

How much attention do you think our best NFL betting sites will devote to trading the FIBA World Cup when Week 1 of the NFL is the main priority? Managing this tournament will likely be a challenge for them, which actually works to our advantage.

Consider Pinnacle, for instance. They haven’t even posted any futures markets for the FIBA World Cup. While I anticipate that Pinnacle will engage in trading the individual games of the tournament, they’ve chosen not to provide futures markets, leaving several of our NFL prop betting sites in the dark. This presents an additional edge for us as bettors.

Head Start on NBA Futures

Another primary reason for me to bet on the FIBA World Cup is that it should give me a head start in pinpointing potential opportunities within the NBA futures markets. Being able to spot edges early in the process is crucial in sports betting. With the NFL drawing most of the attention, observing the FIBA World Cup might aid you in identifying edges within the NBA futures markets before others catch on.

One example is the impressive performance of Cade Cunningham in the Las Vegas scrimmages for USA basketball. If you watched these scrimmages, you might have started exploring certain bets like the Detroit Pistons’ win total or betting on Cunningham for the Most Improved Player award. I know I did.

Another player that comes to mind is Paolo Banchero. I anticipate that the market will show interest in backing the Orlando Magic to make the playoffs this season. Already, we’ve witnessed their odds shift from +200 to +180 at FanDuel. If Banchero delivers a strong performance for USA Basketball during the FIBA World Cup, the interest in the Magic’s futures bets will likely only grow.

By being engaged in the FIBA World Cup, you could get ahead of the market movements on the Magic’s odds. On the other hand, if you only start looking in October, you might not even realize you’ve missed the opportunity.

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FIBA World Cup FAQs

Who won the FIBA World Cup last time?

In the 2019 FIBA World Cup, Spain emerged victorious, led by Ricky Rubio and Marc Gasol, with a commanding score of 95-75 against Argentina.

When will the FIBA World Cup be decided?

The 2023 FIBA World Cup is scheduled to occur from Aug. 25 to Sept. 10, with the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia serving as the tournament’s hosts.

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