Monday, December 4, 2023

Derna update: International aid continues to arrive, infrastructure damage update

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Update on infrastructure damage
The Tripoli government updated the number of destroyed bridges/culverts in the east from 10 to 11 and estimated that 50 percent of roads had been damaged.

It also revealed that 114 schools (95 percent) were damaged in the east. The Tripoli-based Education Minister announced that schools, which had been halted because of the disaster, would resume next Saturday.

The Tripoli-based Roads and Bridges Authority reported that 70 percent of infrastructure had been affected by Storm Daniel.

Water company sends water tankers to east to mitigate spread of diseases
The Tripoli-based public water company announced that it had dispatched 18 water transporting trucks to the east to provide potable water and mitigate the spread of diseases through the drinking of contaminated water.

More international aid arrives
More humanitarian aid continues to arrive in Libya. The Tripoli based government announced in its daily press conference yesterday on the Flood Daniel disaster that 20 states sent more than 50 planes and four ships of humanitarian aid to a Libya. Some states continue to send multiple planes, it added.

Japanese aid arrives
Fifteen tons of Japanese emergency relief aid for Derna arrived in Benghazi Tuesday, the Japanese embassy reported yesterday. The aid consisted of large tents, blankets, plastic sheeting, water purifiers and other items. The goods were provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency were handed over by the Japanese Chargé d’Affaires Amadera Masaki for distribution by the Benghazi Office of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) and by the Libyan Humanitarian Relief Agency (LIBAID).

Omani aid arrives
A plane carrying a shipment of humanitarian aid coming from Oman arrived at Benina International Airport on Monday.

The shipment included equipment and water pumps, medicines, and shelter supplies, including tents, blankets, pillows, utensils, food supplies, and gallons, according to the Libyan News Agency.

UK sends aid
The British Embassy in Tripoli reported yesterday that UK aid had arrived in Benghazi to be distributed to communities in eastern Libya affected by the devastating floods. The aid package includes water filters, portable solar lanterns, and emergency shelter items to provide life-saving assistance to those most in need.

‘‘We are working with trusted partners on the ground including IOM and ICRC in Libya to continue rapidly providing support’’, the statement said.

US allocates more funds in Libya Storm Daniel aid
US President Joe Biden announced Monday evening the provision of additional humanitarian support worth US$ 11 million to Libya as part of the Storm Daniel disaster relief. the floods.

“Today, as the people of eastern Libya continue to recover and rebuild in the wake of catastrophic flooding, the United States will provide an additional US$ 11 million to local and international organizations in response to their urgent humanitarian needs,” Biden said in the statement.

France’s Total Energies dispatches aid to Libya
France’s Total Energies informed Libya Herald that it has mobilized to support the people of Libya following the devastating floods in the east.  It said it answered the state National Oil Corporation’s (NOC) call for support from the very first hours of the tragedy. It reported that nearly 50 tons of essential goods have already been shipped, and further shipments of approximately 50 tons are planned in the coming days.

This operation is carried out by a Total Energies team, in coordination with the NOC and the Libyan Red Crescent to provide emergency aid for the thousands of people affected by the disaster in the Derna region.

French field hospital starts receiving on patients
In a similar vein, the French embassy in Tripoli announced yesterday that the French field hospital in Derna started receiving its first patients.

The field hospital is equipped with an operating room, delivery room and 14 beds, and will care for up to 100 patients per day.

China aid to arrive
The spokesman for the Chinese International Development Cooperation Agency, Xu Wei, said Monday, that the Chinese government decided to provide thirty million yuan in emergency humanitarian aid to Libya, to carry out relief work after the hurricanes and floods that struck eastern Libya.

According to Libya’s state news agency, LANA, Xu Wei said that according to the needs of the Libyan side, Chinese aid materials mainly include tents, blankets, first aid kits, etc.

For her part, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning expressed, in a statement published by the ministry on ITS website, her country’s readiness to help the Libyans To overcome the difficulties resulting from the flood disaster.”

The spokeswoman added: “With regard to supporting Libya to mitigate the effects of this disaster, the Chinese Red Cross Society announced that it will provide emergency cash assistance to the Libyan Red Crescent Society, and that the Chinese side is working around the clock to provide humanitarian aid.” To Libya.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman concluded her statements by saying: “We are ready to help the Libyans overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes as soon as possible, based on the needs on the ground.”

Hyundai sending US$ 600,000 aid through Red Cross and Red Crescent

The Korean Hyundai Motor Group (which includes Hyundai Motors, Kia, Hyundai Engineering and Construction) announced it is donating US$ 600,000 to Libya through the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

It reported that Hyundai distributors in Libya provided 30 trucks loaded with relief supplies, such as food and blankets.

Hyundai Motor’s headquarters in the Middle East and Africa will start a special program to provide discounts on spare parts and free inspection for vehicles damaged by the floods in eastern Libya.

Kia’s Libyan distributor will deliver daily necessities such as water, food and medicine to the affected areas, and carry out relief activities such as providing temporary shelters, in addition to the company’s Middle East and Africa branch intending to provide free maintenance services for vehicles in Libya.

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