Monday, December 4, 2023

Celtics Lab 228: A Boston Celtics Thanksgiving (round) table with Bobby Krivitsky and Jack Simone

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Sometimes, after the Boston Celtics drop a game to a team they have no business losing to, it can seem like some of the worst elements of seasons past are coming back to haunt fans of the team, it bears reminding that this team is currently the owner of the best record in the entire NBA at 11-3 and on track to win 64 games this season.

And while that clip may very well slow some, it is, for now, something we ought to be thankful for, along with the play that has produced it compared to past seasons, the uglier side of Celtics basketball a far more rare thing to see than in those past campaigns. But there’s a lot more than that to be thankful for even in a world that can seem cruel and unforgiving.

Whether in the wider world beyond sport, elsewhere in the NBA, or in places we rarely stop to think about, there is plenty of good around us worth taking time to reflect on.

So for this week’s “Celtics Lab” podcast from CLNS Media, the hosts linked up with Sports Illustrated’s Bobby Krivitsky and “How Bout Them Celtics!” cohost Jack Simone to do exactly that while taking stock of the Celtics and the NBA more generally — we hope you join us.

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