Can’t resist white sliced bread? Here are the ‘healthiest’ loaves…

Posted by May 20, 2024

The humble white sliced loaf has been an essential part of the fabric of British life for around 100 years, when it handily coi

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Pole fitness, dance and aerial hoop and more at aerial…

Posted by May 19, 2024

Wild Workouts, previously located in Swinton, had been opened by Rachel Wildman, 39, the founder and Scotia Ferguson, 25, one of the company directors.

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Fitness event promoting a ‘better life’ launches in Swindon this…

Posted by May 9, 2024

The Longevity Games was founded by Tim Howe as an accessible form of group exercise, where participants are encouraged to perform and progress at their own

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Meghan’s fitness obsession can help ‘build full body strength’ says…

Posted by May 5, 2024

Meghan Markle's followers won't be surprised to learn she likes to keep fit and healthy with the help of one particular kind of workout - pilates.While yoga foc

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