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Betr Promo Code INQUIRER: 100% Deposit Match up to $100 for Sports, $500 for DFS

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In an online sports betting industry that continuously grows more competitive, Betr is one of the newer names on the scene looking to make an impact.

There are multiple factors that help the Betr Sportsbook app stand out, and the Betr promo code INQUIRER is one of them. New users can score a 100% deposit match worth up to $100 today when signing up for a new account with the brand. Just be sure to enter the Betr promo code INQUIRER during registration when prompted.

A similar welcome bonus applies to the daily fantasy sports side of Betr, which is known as Betr Picks. Using the same Betr promo code INQUIRER, first-time DFS users who register with Betr Picks will unlock a 100% deposit match worth up to $500!

Keep reading on to learn more about how Betr fits into the online sports betting world and daily fantasy sports scene while making an impact with new and exciting innovations.

More on the Betr promo code

What is the Betr promo code?

The Betr promo code INQUIRER is fairly unique compared to some of the best sportsbook promo codes currently floating around the industry. While most online sports betting platforms offer guaranteed bonus bets after your first wager settles, the Betr promo code INQUIRER will match your first deposit up to $100 on the sports betting side and up to $500 on the DFS side.

After your first deposit match kicks in, you’re free to explore the app and begin placing your first wagers with Betr Sportsbook or Betr Picks.

The Betr promo code INQUIRER is also generous in its own right because it offers users 30 days to use their bonus funds before they expire. Other popular welcome offers, like the BetMGM bonus code, only give players seven days to use their bonus bets in comparison.

Again, INQUIRER is the Betr promo code you can type into the promo code box when prompted. Furthermore, you can begin the registration process by clicking on the corresponding offer module in this piece.

How to use your Betr promo code

  1. Click on either of the offer modules above to begin the registration process. For Betr Sportsbook, select the $100 offer at the top. For Betr Picks, select the $500 offer just below it.

  2. After you click the offer module or link, download the Betr mobile app from your device’s app store.

  3. Enter your email address, password, and phone number as part of the sign-up process. You can trust that your personal information will be kept safe.

  4. When asked for the promo code that referred you to their product, type in INQUIRER. The same code will work for either platform, whether you’re interested in Betr Sportsbook or Betr Picks.

  5. Finish registering for your account after this by following the prompted steps.

  6. Your first deposit must be made of at least $10 or more. Your deposit will be matched in full up to $100 on Betr Sportsbook or up to $500 on Betr Picks.

  7. Start placing wagers with Betr, and keep in mind that you have 30 days to use up your deposit matched funds before they expire.

What is Betr Sportsbook?

Betr Sportsbook has only been around for a little over a year, with their launch dating back to August 8, 2022. Social media influencer and boxer Jake Paul is a co-founder of the platform and instantly drew eyes onto the product due to his celebrity status.

One of the main areas that helps Betr stand out is its celebrity and athlete partnerships. A few notable partners include Dez Bryant, Richard Sherman, and rapper Travis Scott.

But the area of Betr that stands out most is the creation of micro betting. Live betting has been a staple and continuously growing part of traditional sportsbooks for the last couple of years, but micro betting takes it to the next level.

Micro betting is explained more deeply in the next section, but essentially allows players to wager on the outcome of the next specific play, drive, possession, etc.

What is micro betting?

On the surface, micro betting is very similar to wagering on props. You have player props, team props, and game props that take you deeper into the action of a game compared to just wagering on moneylines, spreads, or totals.

Now, take those prop bets and tailor them even further to specific play-by-play bets. There are a bounty of examples that can be listed, as there’s truly no limit to the types of micro bets you can find on the platform.

Some examples include ‘Will the next pass attempt be completed?’, ‘Will the next free throw attempt be made?’, and ‘Will the current batter get on base this at-bat?’.

As of the time of publication, no other sportsbook offers this form of betting. But even if a platform were to adopt micro betting, Betr would have a leg up on the competition due to having done it from the start and having time to perfect it.

Where is Betr Sportsbook legal?

One area that Betr Sportsbook will look to expand in as time goes on is its availability. In comparison to some of the long-established and best sports betting sites out there, Betr Sportsbook has a long way to go in terms of operating out of more states.

As of the time of publication, Betr Sportsbook is accessible in just three states. Those states are Ohio, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Betr Sportsbook Ohio

The first state Betr Sportsbook went live in was Ohio on January 1, 2023. This also marked the launch day for online sports betting as a whole in Ohio. The Betr Sportsbook promo code took off quickly in the Buckeye State, where co-founder Jake Paul was born.

Betr Sportsbook Massachusetts

After Ohio, the Bay State of Massachusetts was the next to open its arms to Betr Sportsbook. Online sports betting launched in MA on March 10, 2023. It took Betr a couple of months extra to get up and running, but they eventually went live on May 8, 2023.

Betr Sportsbook Virginia

Last but not least, the Old Dominion State of Virginia went live with Betr Sportsbook on September 6, 2023. Of all the states Betr Sportsbook is in, Virginia owns the largest gap between the state’s launch and Betr’s launch. Online sports betting originally opened to VA players in January of 2021, while Betr Sportsbook VA would not open its virtual doors until more than two years later.

Upcoming states for Betr Sportsbook

There are currently no concrete plans for Betr Sportsbook to expand into other states. Most of the states where the daily fantasy sports service Betr Picks is live have yet to legalize sports betting at this time, which rules out the possibility of Betr applying for a license in most of them.

That said, Kentucky and Maine just launched sports betting recently. Additionally, North Carolina and Vermont will see online sports betting legalized in the near future. Whether or not Betr makes a play in these states can only be told by time.

Betr Sportsbook mobile app review

Users who play Betr Sportsbook on iOS compared to Android won’t have quite the same experience. Reviews for the Betr app varied differently from one app store to another, with iOS players leaving a 4.5-star rating compared to the 2.0-star reviews left on Android.

I downloaded the app on iOS and had a good experience. As users noted in reviews, the layout was simple enough to understand and navigating it proved easy. Load times weren’t an issue for me, and I didn’t experience glitches as Android players noted.

While I personally prefer some other apps’ color schemes and layouts slightly more than Betr, this is an app that iOS players can trust to be reliable and work well.

Betr iOS review

  1. A majority of the positive reviews seen on the Apple App Store came due to users applauding the app for being easy to use and navigate.

  2. One specific positive review noted that injuries to a couple of players caused them to get their stake back, which instantly made them ditch other sportsbooks and use Betr as their go-to platform.

  3. It wasn’t all positive, however, as one user noted they were locked out of their account after winning a big bet and customer support wasn’t able to help them get it unlocked.

Betr Android review

  1. Reviews as a whole were down on Android, with bugs and glitches being widely reported. A lot of those reviews were left at the start of 2023, however, so some of these issues could be better now.

  2. One user noted issues with withdrawing and stated that the app would give them technical issues when they went to make a withdrawal request.

  3. Some positive reviews were found on the Google Play Store, however, with some users raving over the welcome bonus for a deposit match and complimenting the platform for fixing some of the bugs that affected their experience.

Betr Sportsbook betting markets available

While Betr Sportsbook may not be as deep in terms of their betting markets available compared to FanDuel, BetMGM, and others, they still have a respectable selection.

The four major North American sports are covered, which are the main areas of focus for a majority of sports bettors in the U.S. But you can also wager on college football and college basketball, which are the two most popular college sports betting markets in the nation.


While not the most popular sport to bet on in the U.S. (that belongs to the NFL), the NBA has a loyal viewership that sees consistent wagers come through during the 82-game regular season.

With the addition of the NBA In-Season Tournament this year and the recent success of new additions like the NBA Play-In Tournament, it’ll be fun to see how the league continues to change and grow alongside sports betting.


It isn’t too surprising to see the NFL as the most popular sport to bet on in the U.S. After all, the NFL averages more viewers for a game pitting two low-level teams against one another than a game of the NBA Finals does.

The playoffs and Super Bowl are especially when the bets come flooding in, with sportsbooks offering special promotions and welcome bonuses during these times to draw players in.


The next major North American sport covered by Betr Sportsbook is the NHL, which also has an 82-game regular season to bet on. While there aren’t as many new and exciting things going on with the NHL as the NBA, the talent in the league is phenomenal. That all said, the Stanley Cup remains a major draw for sports bettors.


The last of the four major North American sports is MLB, which is the oldest of the bunch. Recent changes to increase the pace of play and decrease the length of games have gone over well with fans and brought a lot of positive buzz to the sport.

Baseball’s regular season is longer than anyone else, as they play 162 game seasons before the playoffs begin the race towards the World Series.

College Football

College football is easily the most viewed college sport in the country and is one of the sports with the most loyal fanbases. Fans of their college teams are as diehard as they come, and players in states where you can bet on college sports bet a lot on football.

College Basketball

Finally, college basketball has a similar following of diehard fans loyal to their universities. The transfer portal has made the sport change drastically from where it was even five years ago. But March Madness remains as special an attraction as there is in any sport, as the tournament remains watched and bet on by fans in waves.

Betr Sportsbook bet types

You can rest assured when you sign up with Betr Sportsbook that there will be more than enough bet types to wager on and keep you engaged. Below are a few of the most common and popular bet types available.


Moneyline bets are the simplest way to get started with sports betting. A moneyline market is merely picking who the winner will be. As is the case with every bet you come across, the favored team or player will have a (-) symbol next to their odds, while the underdog will have a (+) symbol attached.


If you don’t want to pick a moneyline bet but want to wager on how far apart two teams will finish in the final score, a spread betting market is for you. If your team has a spread such as -6.5, they must win by seven or more to win your bet. But if it’s a spread of +6.5, you can win the bet if your team wins outright or loses by six points or less.


If you don’t want to wager on a specific team or side, you can wager on a totals market instead. This is a market that lets you bet on how many points the two teams will combine to score. If a market is set at 229.5 points in a basketball game, you can either bet over or under that amount, depending on how many points you think will be scored.

Player Props

Player prop bets are wagers you can place on the outcome of specific players’ statlines. Examples can be wagering over or under on a certain amount of touchdown passes, points, goals, or saves. You can also find micro bets on play-by-play player props to wager on what an individual player will do on the next play, possession etc.

Same Game Parlays

Parlays involve combining multiple bets from different games into one all-encompassing bet where you need every single bet to win in order to win your parlay. Same Game Parlays are the same thing, except all your wagers come from the same game instead of different games.


If you have a strong opinion on who will win an award or championship at the season’s end, you can place a futures bet on the outcome and stake your claim. There are a wide amount of futures bets available, with you being able to wager on all types of markets, such as the winner of a certain conference, who will lead a league in a certain statistic, and even who the first draft pick will be in a certain league.

What are the banking options at Betr?

Although Betr continues to establish a strong presence in the industry, its banking methods are limited. There are just three methods of deposit and withdrawal available to players. Those are an online bank transfer, using PayPal, or using a debit card (VISA or Mastercard).

That being said, there’s actually a good reason Betr only has a few methods. It’s one of their ways to promote responsible gambling, as having fewer ways to spend money can limit access to some players looking to gamble. You’ll also notice credit cards aren’t an option for players, and their stance on responsible gambling is the reason for that.

Additionally, they emphasize wanting to make sure younger players don’t develop a gambling problem and do this by having a betting limit of $2,500 per month if you’re 21 to 25 years old.

Customer service at Betr Sportsbook

The first thing to know about Betr Sportsbook customer service is they don’t have a phone number you can call for help. Instead, you can use their live chat box or send them an email at

Of the two methods, live chat will be the quicker method. But the quickest way to try and troubleshoot the issue would be using their FAQ page to see if you can get to the bottom of your question rather than needing to wait for help. But if you need help, you can count on them to be there for you.

What is Betr Picks?

Betr Picks is the daily fantasy sports service offered by the Betr brand. For users located in states where online sports betting isn’t legal, like California, daily fantasy sports serve as a legal alternative.

And since Betr Picks is a different platform than Betr Sportsbook, you can sign up with Betr Picks’ $500 deposit match welcome offer as a new customer using the Betr promo code INQUIRER.

You don’t place bets on moneylines or parlays when you play Betr Picks. Instead, there are a couple of different games you can choose to play. Those games are pick ‘em games or over/under games. You’re still picking the option you feel is more likely to happen in a sporting event when you play either of these games.

You can play games from the four major North American sports on Betr Picks. Unfortunately, college football and college basketball cannot be played at this time.

One of the areas that stands out about their games is there are no pushes on any picks. This means you essentially cannot “tie” and not win or lose. You’ll either win or lose every play you make because all the options you have to play for all sports will end in 0.5.

Where is Betr Picks legal?

The list of states Betr Picks is legal in is a much larger list than the list of states Betr Sportsbook is in. Daily fantasy sports as a whole are more available across the U.S., making it unsurprising to see the large list of states below allowing Betr Picks to be played in their state. Below is a list of all the states in alphabetical order (plus Washington D.C) where Betr Picks is legal:

  1. Arkansas

  2. Arizona

  3. California

  4. Georgia

  5. Florida

  6. Illinois

  7. Kansas

  8. Kentucky

  9. Maine

  10. Nebraska

  11. New Mexico

  12. North Carolina

  13. North Dakota

  14. Oklahoma

  15. Oregon

  16. Rhode Island

  17. South Carolina

  18. South Dakota

  19. Texas

  20. Utah

  21. Vermont

  22. Wisconsin

  23. Wyoming

  24. Washington D.C.

Betr Picks promo code

The Betr Picks promo code INQUIRER is the same code that can be used to register for Betr Sportsbook but offers 5x the value. A 100% match on your first deposit is available, but you’ll get your deposit matched up to $500 with Betr Picks compared to just $100 on their sportsbook.

Just like there’s no wagering requirement with the Betr Sportsbook deposit match, no wagering requirement is in place for this welcome bonus either. You’ll still have 30 days to use all your deposit matched funds before they expire.

Betr responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is one of the areas that is front and center across every online sportsbook and daily fantasy sports platform in today’s day and age. As more states legalize sports betting, it becomes more important for sportsbooks to have resources and options in place for players to utilize to make sure they’re playing in the most responsible fashion possible.

Betr takes responsible gambling seriously, as evidenced by the brand having the previously mentioned $2,500 monthly betting limit for players aged 21 to 25. Their limited banking options are another attempt to help in that department.

You can set limits on yourself as well, whether that’s a deposit, withdrawal, or playtime limit. You can also find a list of tips and resources to read on their platform that educate you on ways to gamble responsibly and how to get help if you need it.

Betr rewards program

Many sportsbooks have rewards programs that level players up through tiers and unlock rewards the more they play. That said, Betr doesn’t currently have a rewards program for players to enroll in. As time goes on, it’s possible this changes. But for now, you’ll have to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a rewards program to use.

Betr Sportsbook verdict

All in all, Betr Sportsbook is one to keep an eye on over time as the sports betting industry grows. It is already a promising platform, with the micro betting feature standing out as a new and innovative addition that nobody else has tapped into.

Betr having their sportsbook and daily fantasy sports service on the same app is a nice touch, and the app itself is easy to navigate. Their commitment to promoting gambling in a responsible light is also admirable.

Their welcome offer is generous due to it not having a play-through requirement on any matched funds. However, the amount of $100 could be higher, or the offer type itself could be changed in order to help more new players be drawn to the platform.

Only being available in three states also limits their reach to new players at this time. They need to improve their app on Android devices, and adding a rewards program certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Betr promo code FAQs

Below, we cover some of the industry’s most common questions regarding Betr Sportsbook and Betr Picks.

What is the Betr promo code?

The Betr promo code INQUIRER unlocks a 100% deposit match for new users who join Betr Sportsbook or Betr Picks. On the Betr Sportsbook side, this match is worth up to $100 and is available to new players in MA, OH, or VA. On the DFS side, new Betr Picks users can claim the same match worth up to $500!

Regardless of which platform you choose, the Betr promo code is INQUIRER.

Where is Betr Sportsbook legal?

As of the time of publication, Betr Sportsbook is legal in just three states. Those states are Ohio, Massachusetts, and Virginia. As time goes on, it’s possible they will expand into additional states, particularly as more states legalize and launch sports betting.

What is micro betting?

Micro betting is taking the concept of betting on a sporting event and honing in on the most specific details. If you thought prop betting markets on games or players were specific and did a good job getting you more immersed in the betting experience, micro betting takes that to a whole new level.

Every play, possession, snap, etc., can be wagered on with the micro betting system the Betr mobile app has in place. As time goes on, it’s possible other sportsbooks adapt wagers such as these.

However, Betr Sportsbook can say they were ahead of the curve and the originators of this style of betting that could grow more popular over time.

What is Betr Picks?

Betr Picks is the daily fantasy sports platform that the Betr brand offers. Their daily fantasy sports services are growing incredibly popular and beloved by players. You have a fun selection of games across a wide variety of sports at your disposal with the chance to win money.

Whereas Betr Sportsbook is only available in three states (OH, MA, VA), Betr Picks can be played in 19 different states (AK, AR, CA, FL, GA, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, and WI).

Are Betr Sportsbook and Betr Picks different?

The two entities of Betr Sportsbook and Betr Picks are different, but they’re housed under the same mobile app. You can only wager on sports betting through Betr Sportsbook, while you can only play daily fantasy sports on Betr Picks.

Other than the services the platforms offer, other differences include the states they’re available in (Three states vs 19 states) and the different amounts Betr will match your first deposit up to when you sign-up with the Betr promo code INQUIRER ($100 for Betr Sportsbook vs $500 for Betr Picks).

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