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August 2023 horoscopes: See what the stars have in store for you this month

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Filled with rare astrological occurrences, August is giving new opportunities to expand our minds and build loving relationships — though times could get messy.

The month kicks off with a super full moon in Aquarius on Aug. 1, which calls us to broaden our way of thinking, as well as the knowledge of the world we live in.

Venus retrograde and the sun in Leo align with one another Aug. 13, making it the best day of the year for love. We’re then inspired to take major creative leaps with the new moon in Leo Aug. 16.

The Sun then enters Virgo moments before Mercury retrograde begins on Aug. 23, which could make for confusing situations and relationships.

On Aug. 27, Mars enters Libra, making us less confrontational and direct. This could lead to a more passive approach on certain matters.

Uranus retrograde in Taurus commences Aug. 28 and lasts into the new year until Jan. 27, 2024. This planetary backspin will push us to take baby steps towards change.

Lastly, the super full moon in Pisces aligns us with our dreams Aug. 30 to finish off the summer month.

Here’s what is in store for your sign.


Lately, you may have been feeling misunderstood by your peer group. Although you might feel lonely alienated by others, the reality is that you need space for yourself in order to evolve and transform. Your friends always have time for you, but you’re wanting the freedom to tap into your desires, ambitions and aspirations — which is why you should think of this as an opportunity to grow into the person that you want to be without any outside influence. The more you are in tune with yourself during this time, the easier it will be for these sentiments to take flight.


Your home could use a little bit of sprucing up. After all, it’s been months since you’ve given the place some love. Rather than changing the interior structure by making major renovations, opt to add a little pop of color to your space by switching out old curtains, comforters, rugs and throw pillows — even little accents will do. Giving your home a little bit of TLC is the best solution in beating the dreary, mundane vibe that you’re facing daily. Your new decor will inspire and delight the senses — even urging you to expand your horizons and seek adventure. 


Recent events are helping you see that there is more to life than work. Being the multitasker that you are, you’ve been trying to do it all — which has proven to be successful, but you’re yearning for a more fulfilling personal life. This will give you the motivation to focus on your personal needs and family in the weeks ahead. Plan a vacation with close friends and family to celebrate the last days of summer and to find peace of mind. Plus, this will bring you closer with those you love and care about. Lean into your happy place. 


You don’t like to be seen as vulnerable in situations or relationships because you’re always protecting your energy. This means that you put a wall up between others and yourself in an effort to keep you safe from heartbreak. Now, the hard shell you wear is softening up and letting people in. You can trust those you care about, as long as you implement boundaries (to which you both adhere) in order to feel comfortable.


Your bank account is in flux, causing drama to transpire in your personal life. The answer is simple: Start budgeting and stop overspending. If you’ve made any big purchases recently, keep the receipts in case you realize that you need the cash and not the product. You’ll be happy you did this if you find the item at a lower price and experience buyer’s remorse. Sales and bargains are your friend this month — that is, until you get your finances back on track (which will happen in mid September). Take these monetary issues and experiences to heart. 


Aligning yourself with a new hobby will do you good this month. The only way to make the best out of the celestial energy is to ensure that you are taking on projects in your spare time that cultivate inspiration and creativity. You might find interest in signing up for an art or pottery class, joining a book club or attending a meetup group focusing on your interests. Taking on such projects and ventures will boost your moods, as it’ll give you something productive to do that you’re passionate about during your downtime. 


The current cosmic climate is giving you more pep in your step, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’re moving forward in situations. You could be standing still. Before you start banging your head against the wall out of frustration, try to find a moment of calm and meditate on how you can navigate this journey and work towards attaining your goals. The only foreseeable obstacle is fear — and you’ve overcome that before, haven’t you?


Since you are known for your confidence and bravado, it’ll feel different being on the opposite end of the spectrum during the last days of August. All the more reason to practice exercises at the beginning of the month that will boost your self-esteem. A gratitude journal can help you connect with the positive parts of yourself, as you’ll be able to focus solely on the good aspects of your life and dispel the negative self-talk. Remember, you are an amazing being who is worthy of love. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. 


Lately, you’ve been wanting to ground your energy and focus on home life. You’re embracing the desire to make your dwelling better with renovations to create a more functional living space for yourself. The process will make you feel cool — not critical — of your newfound passion. Importantly, commit to paint colors that you’ll enjoy for the long haul.


Your competitive urges are resurfacing at work, making you want to do better than everyone at the office and on your team. The caveat is that you won’t be able to take on the amount of projects that you thought, which will lead to you feel overwhelmed, then burnt out. Before you start trying to appease your boss and show off your skills, think about whether you can handle it. If you can’t right now, consider asking the whole slew of people who would love to help out and learn from your wonderful experience. Don’t hesitate in looking for assistance.


The time to mend, release and heal the familial baggage you have is now. Whether or not you have issues, you can always improve relationships between you and others. The most important element is to embrace self-forgiveness and the second is to prioritize self-care. Stop blaming yourself for the past. In the moment, you did the best that you could do — which is all that matters. Stand in your emotions and don’t be afraid to speak up. Also, give yourself time to mend your heart and be patient with others who are doing the same. Recovery is done one day at a time. 


The month ahead gives you the chance to review and redefine old relationships by reaching out to people with whom you’ve lost touch. If there are words that you need to say to a friend, colleague or partner, you should use the next several weeks to reconnect and get these feelings off your chest. It’ll be beneficial to open up at this moment in time, especially since you tend to swim away from conflict and confrontation. Plus, you’ll be able to create a deeper and stronger bond with those you care about — leading you to a bright future together.

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