Tuesday, November 28, 2023

America’s role in the world

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What is the role of the U.S. in this frightening world in which we live? We are leaders in freedom — personal, religious, social, educational, economic, and in opportunity. Through democracy, we have been blessed by God with so many wonderful gifts, opportunities, and resolve to carry out that role since our nation’s birth. Democracy is cumbersome, slow, frustrating, and challenging. Yet it is successful. Why? Because through democratic debate of ideas and contention, we derive truths that allow humanity to prosper.

But democratic debate must be open, honest, respectful, and loving if it is to lead to goodness and success for our country. Ideas, by their very nature are prejudicial because they are individual. It is only by shedding light on our ideas (through debate) that we, as a person or as a nation, derive effective non prejudicial concepts to guide our government and its people.

I am concerned that over the last 30 years, debate existing in America has been diminished by corruption, selfishness, power and purposeful distortion of the truth. This disruption of ideas has existed and still exists in the halls of government, the media, our institutions including schools and universities, and even in our places of worship.

What is the answer to this dilemma that is destroying the very fabric of our country and its ability to lead and help the world? Honesty, love, and true patriotism. We must always debate, but do so as if the opposing ideas are worthy of being heard. We must respect our opponents in argument as patriotic and capable of providing ideas that will help society. We cannot afford to completely disregard the ideas of others or not allow them to speak. Yet, at the same time, we must filter those ideas that come from people who persistently and repeatedly speak solely from unmitigated ideology disguised as sound advice. Because strict adherence to ideology only serves to further separate our great nation through impoverished ideas and recommendations.

The world is moving rapidly and we, as a country have many enemies that would like to destroy this beacon of freedom. We must not and cannot aid and assist them by seeing each other as enemies as we debate policy that will affect our country and this world. We must come together as honest patriots with a wide variance of ideas directed to a common goal of freedom through democracy and honest debate.


Loyalsock Township

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom

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