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After NFL and FIFA Women’s World Cup, player spotted wearing Q-collar in Hundred, what exactly is this new device?

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In a first of a kind incident England cricketer Tom Kohler-Cadmore was spotted using a Q-Collar, a device used to protect from brain injury, in the sport. The Q-Collar hung on the back of Cadmore’s neck, right below his helmet while he was batting during a clash at the ongoing The Hundred.

Tom Kohler-Cadmore wears a Q-collar during a clash at The Hundred 2023.(Twitter)

While the Q-Collar was seen being used for the first time in cricket, the device is commonly used by the National Football League (NFL) players. Footballers were also spotted wearing the same in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia-New Zealand, the final of which will be played on Sunday (August 20).

What is Q-Collar?

As per a report in The New York Times, the device restricts the flow of blood from the head and provides an extra layer of cushioning to the brain. It is light weight and fits easily around the lower neck and barely causes any discomfort.

Importance of Q-Collar in cricket

A helmet has more of less done a good job in preventing injuries to head, but there have been exceptions too. Australia wicketkeeper-batter Phillip Hughes in fact lost his life after taking a blow on the side of his head by a bouncer during a domestic match in Australia in 2014.

Cricket also has evolved a lot over the years and there has been a new rule – concussion substitute – implemented for situations when a player gets hit on the head. The concussion substitute allows a team to field a different player if the one already in the field has been hit on the head and cannot continue further in the match.

And now with the introduction of the Q-collar, a player can opt for extra protection to protect them from any unforeseen severe injury.

However, there has been no conclusive evidence on Q-collar’s effectiveness.

Meanwhile, wearing a helmet is mandatory as per the ICC but there are no rules on the application of Q-collars by players in international fixtures.

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