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5 reasons why Cartier’s new home in Jio World Plaza Mumbai is a must-visit for the perfect jewellery shopping experience

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There’s no way to know what the sprawling space that is Cartier’s magnanimous boutique looks like until you actually enter the luxury space in Jio World Plaza. More than a decade later, since its first store in Emporio Mall, New Delhi, Cartier’s expansion feels almost crucial as an indulgent haven for jewellery connoisseurs. For most, the love for diamonds has been fondly attached to watching icons like Marilyn Monroe adorn the most sparkling baubles in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. While the French Maison’s story continues to flourish in Mumbai’s elite precinct, there’s a call for jewellery enthusiasts to swipe their black cards as Cartier opens its doors to drown you all in a pool of sparkling whites.

Below, we list down five things that make the store a pinnacle of fine luxury.

Portarit of Jeanne Toussaint, circa 1950.

Courtesy of Cartier

Ceremonial necklaces on a wax mannequin, 1931.

Courtesy of Cartier

A precious welcome

Nestled within the overbearing concrete in BKC, this iconic outpost stands as a mirror to the brand’s revered history with India that spans decades. Having worked closely with architects Bruno Moinard and Claire Bétaille, who have accompanied Cartier for 20 years, the space stands as a discerning testament to Cartier’s everlasting grandeur.

At the entrance, the precise latticework inherent in India’s palaces is evident in the exterior screen, which features a hexagonal pattern. Originally designed for heat and light regulation, this delicate art now welcomes guests with a semi-transparent view of the boutique, ensuring privacy within.

Courtesy of Gerry O’Leary

Gerry O’Leary

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