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🌍 Who will win the Europa League season 23/24?

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The second most powerful European Cup tournament is naturally inferior in strength to the Champions League, but its spring part in the form of playoffs still brings together mostly worthy teams. The intrigue here is twisted to the limit, and some signs are quite comparable to the Champions League. If you are interested in LE and betting on it, go to

It’s always more interesting to cheer when you see some kind of big picture, so we suggest you figure out which of the current LE participants is considered its most likely winner. As the main argument for determining the favorites, we will use bookmaker odds.

Liverpool – 3.3

There is a widespread opinion that English clubs are not interested in the League in principle – they earn so much more in the Premier League that it is more logical for them to compete for the domestic title. On the one hand, this is true, on the other hand, the Merseysiders, who are quite effectively fighting for the championship in the Premier League, look like favorites, because no one doubts their strength.

The problem for Liverpool is precisely its strength – the “Reds” need to set priorities, because they still play in two domestic cups, and in the Premier League even just getting into the European cups is not at all guaranteed. However, the club misses the 1/16 Europa League, and the team will be able to rest, and Klopp, with whom outstanding successes in recent years are associated, leaves at the end of the season – so why not slam the door for the last time.

Bayer 04 – 6.0

The Germans also usually do not show much reverence for the LE, but Bayer, like Liverpool, right now looks like the most formidable force in their native German football. Leverkusen are at the top of the Bundesliga, and although they are not at all guaranteed the championship (Bayern still exists), losing a 12-point handicap over third place can only be done on purpose. There is also the German Cup, where the Pharmacists made it to the semi-finals, but it will add a maximum of two matches to the schedule.

Like Liverpool, Bayer 04 misses the opening stage of the Europa League playoffs. In a head-to-head confrontation between the two teams, the English would look like the clear favorite, but let’s not forget that they traditionally do not value participation in the League of Legends, and the Merseysiders are also very busy in domestic tournaments. This makes Leverkusen’s title chances very real.

Milan – 9.0

Unlike the two teams described above, the “red-blacks” played not in the League of Legends in the fall, but in the Champions League, from where they dropped, taking third place in the group. There should be no shame in this – by the will of the lot, the opponents turned out to be the always strong Borussia Dortmund and PSG – the Italians scored the same number of points with the French. Milan has already been eliminated from the Italian Cup, and in Serie A the prospects are not very bright – third place with a noticeable gap from the closest pursuer Atalanta, but also a significant gap from the leading Inter.

Milan is unlikely to lose its place in the Champions League zone at home, and this is a good motivation to win the Champions League – or at least go as far as possible in the bracket. Unlike Liverpool and Bayer, the “red-blacks” will have to start already in the 1/16, but French Rennes certainly does not look like an impossible opponent for the Italians.

Brighton & Hove and West Ham – 12 each

Bookmakers estimate the chances of the two English clubs equally, and the teams themselves really look like twins. In the fall, both played in LE groups and won them – the Hammers’ opponents looked a little simpler on paper, so Brighton’s triumph looks a little more confident from a statistical point of view. For such achievements, the British miss 1/16 of the Europa League and start with 1/8.

In the Premier League, the tournament position of the League rivals is also similar – they are neck and neck, occupying seventh and eighth places with a minimal gap. It’s a long way from the European Cup zone, and a victory in the Europa League, we note, gives you a pass to the next Champions League. Brighton, however, is still fighting in the FA Cup (made it to the 1/8, and qualified for the not-so-terrible Wolves), but in general both teams are interested in showing themselves in European competition.

West Ham, by the way, breaks the stereotype about the British indifference to the “junior” European cups,” because they are the current winners of the Conference League trophy. English giants can neglect LE, but not middle peasants.

Roma – 14

There have been more successful times in the history of the Roman club than now, because the team has not won Serie A gold for more than two decades, and has not won the cup for fifteen years. Moreover, it has not been second in the championship since the 16/17 season, and has not made it to the cup finals since the 12/13 draw. All this would look completely sad if not for two counterarguments: Roma was a finalist in last year’s LE competition, and exactly a year before that they won the Conference League.

True, there is no need to overestimate the Giallo Rossi either – in the fall they failed to win the LE group with such modest rivals as Slavia Prague (triumphant), Swiss Servette and Moldavian Sheriff. The team is only fifth in Serie A – it makes sense to focus on the championship in order to compete for the Champions League zone or at least not miss out on European prospects for the next season. In the Italian Cup, Roma were eliminated from sworn friends Lazio, so they can fight in the League of Legends – but there, in the 1/16, strong Feyenoord is already waiting, who will not give in so easily.

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